Aiways customer service

In Europe, customer service (including technical support) is provided at national level by a network of established specialists. These partners undergo ongoing training and development on the U5, allowing them to provide you with exemplary service.

0 .000 km

Inspection interval

After 0 years

At least 75% battery capacity

0 .000 km warranty

Or 8 years on the battery

U5 warranty

Vehicle warranty

You enjoy a five-year or 150,000 km manufacturer’s warranty on the U5, depending on what comes first. What’s more, Aiways guarantees a minimum battery capacity of 75% after eight years or 150,000 km. An eight-year manufacturer’s warranty – or a warranty on the first 150,000 km – applies in respect of the motor and the electronic control unit as key components, depending on what comes first in each case.
The bodywork is even subject to a corrosion protection warranty of ten years, with no mileage limit.

Spare parts

You will have a warranty of two years (or 20,000 km) on spare parts. For all other parts, a warranty of one year (or 20,000 km) applies. Once again, it depends on which comes first.

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